How do I wash my headcovers?

Care for the headcovers is the same as for a treasured wool sweater! You may send them to the dry cleaners or hand wash the neck (sleeve) and head portion in room temperature water and Woolite. DO NOT submerge the top treatment.

Do You ship overseas?

Yes! Our overseas pricing may vary depending on where we are shipping the product, but we are always happy to work with you and do whatever is necessary to get your headcovers to you. 

Can Fore Ewe headcovers be repaired?

Our headcovers are hand knit with 100% worsted wool and, if cared for properly, typically last for several years. If a problem arises with your headcover, please contact us immediately, and we’ll do our best to make it right. Small holes can usually be repaired at no cost above shipping charges. 

How quickly will I receive my Fore Ewe headcovers after ordering?

As all our headcovers are hand knit, so it takes a little extra time to make each custom order. Typically, your headcovers will be shipped within 2-3 weeks. We always try our best if you need a headcover quickly and we're always happy to give you a status update on your order. 

What’s the difference between a standard, short, and long neck?

Standard is this is our most popular length and what we suggest you go with. Standard lengths from bottom of neck to top of head are: Driver (18")  //  Fairway (16")  //  Hybrid (14")

Long Neck:    Driver (20")  //  Fairway (18")  //  Hybrid (16")

Short Neck:    Driver (14.5")  //  Fairway (12.5")  //  Hybrid (10.5")

Please note that neck lengths can vary ever so slightly depending on the color of yarn and time of year. Remember - wool is a natural material so there can be slight variances!

I can’t decide what design to order...

Don't worry! We're always happy to chat on the phone or over email to help you select the headcovers that will best match your bag and tastes. We're here to help!